1.5 hours Party Package

Suitable for 5-8 kids max $175

1 artist providing both services

30 minutes of balloon twisting 

and 1 hour of face painting.  

2.5 hours Party Package

Suitable for 13-15 kids max $275

1 artist providing both services

30 minutes of balloon twisting and 2 hours of face painting.

2 hours Party Package

Suitable for 10-12 kids max $220

1 artist providing both services

30 minutes of balloon twisting and 1.5 hours of face painting.

3 hours Party Package

Suitable for  16-18 kids max $330

1 artist providing both services

1 hour of balloon twisting

and 2 hours of face painting.

Face Painting Service

  • 1.5 hours $155 (8-12 faces)

  • 2 hours $185 (15-20 faces)

  • 2.5 hours $230 (20-25 faces)

  • 3 hours $275 (25-30 faces)

Balloon Twisting Service

  • 1.5 hours $185  (10-15 kids)

  • 2 hours $220 (15-20 kids)

  • 2.5 hours $275 (20-25 kids)

  • 3 hours $330 (25-30 kids)


  • Introductory level 

  • Intermediate level  

  • Fast On the job designs   

 4.5 hours duration. Private session in your own home.

Please check the link below to view the latest QLD easing restriction on COVID-19


For hygiene and safety reasons we have allowed extra time per person so we can help stop the spread of COVID-19.

For Party Package we allow 11-13 minutes per child for face painting and balloon twisting.  

It all depends on the age of the child, how still they can sit and the complexity of the design chosen.

When giving us an estimation number of people attending, please don't forget to include siblings of the guests (if any) and adults (your immediate family, grandparents, parents, cousins or favourite aunts & uncles)

if they wish to join in on the fun. We don't want anyone to miss out due to time restriction.

For Face Painting we estimate 9-10 faces per hour. Don't let the kids have all the fun, join in and be amazed at how far face painting has come since you were kids. We offer a large variety of designs suitable for all ages. Visit our gallery to view all of our latest work.

We only use professional grade face & body paint , glitters and cosmetic grade glue. Brands we use: TAG, Global, Superstar, Diamond FX, Fusion, FPA, Mehron, Wolf face art & FX.

All our face gems, fairy wings and unicorn horns are handmade on a medical grade double sided tape and applied on with cosmetic grade glue (eyelash glue).

For Balloon Twisting we allow up to 3 minutes per designs.

Our balloons are biodegradable made from latex rubber and non toxic. Environmentally friendly.

Choose from over 25 fun designs . Our amazing artist can put it on a headband or wristband for you to wear or hold. For night event we can also add LED flashing lights (additional cost).

$20 is required to RSVP your date, time and artist. This is non refundable.

Please have an alternative location in place for unexpected weather condition (rain, storm, high temperature or windy) For outdoor park party we require you to have a gazebo for our artist(s) to set up under. Full sun protection. Please advise the kids parents not to apply sunscreen on faces prior to face painting.  

For safety reason we can not set up on bark .The surface must be solid, even and not on slope land.

***If you would like to cancel or make changes to your booking. Please send us a text or email. We would prefer to let our artist(s) know early so they may be able to accept other bookings and avoid lost of income.***

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